Bedrock Geologic Map of the Yucca Mountain Area, Nye County, Nevada

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Description Yucca Mountain, Nye County, Nevada, has been identified as a potential site for underground storage of high-level radioactive nuclear waste. Detailed bedrock geologic maps form an integral part of the site characterization program by providing the fundam
Originators Day, Warren C.; Dickerson, Robert P.; Potter, Christopher J.; Sweetkind, Donald S.; San Juan, Carma A.; Drake, Ronald M., II; and Fridrich, Christopher J.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2627

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Overview of attributes

The "Geologic and structure maps of the Wallace 1°x2°
quadrangle, Montana and Idaho: a digital database" report
(wal250k.pdf) contains a detailed description of each
attribute code and a reference to the associated map symbols
on the map source materials.  The database includes a geologic
linework arc attribute table, wal250k.aat, that relates to
the wal250k.con (contact look-up table), wal250k.st2
(structure look-up table), wal250k.lgu (linear geologic unit
look-up table), and wal250k.ref (source reference look-up
table) files; a rock unit polygon attribute table,
wal250k.pat, that relates to the (rock unit
look-up table) and wal250k.ref (source reference look-up
table) files; and a breccia point attribute table,
wal250bc.pat, that relates to the wal250bc.ref (source
reference look-up table) files.