Geologic Map of the Tularosa Mountains 30´ × 60´ Quadrangle, Catron County, New Mexico

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Description This digital map database was compiled from previously published and unpublished data by the author and USGS colleagues, and from published maps by others, as indicated in figure 3 on the map sheet. A pamphlet included with the map provides a brief discu
Originators Ratte, James C.

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Overview of attributes

The dataset for the Winnipeg quadrangle consists of seven coverages:
The coverage grfx_pnt is not a "true" ARC/INFO coverage.
It contains graphic representations of symbols used on the geologic
map and included in the coverages data_pnt, geo_pnt, and pnt_sym.
The dataset also includes grfx_pnt.dxf, a dxf file derived from grfx_pnt,
and wingx.shp, a shapefile derived from grfx_pnt.dxf.  The file wingx.shp
is readily imported into graphics programs and will import as the graphics
symbols shown on the printed edition of the map layout and in the pdf file
that accompanies the dataset.

Additional information is available on the printed map sheets, which are provided in PDF along with the data: >I-1420_nm-14_screen.pdf -- a screen-optimized PDF file of the map sheet >I-1420_nm-14_print.pdf -- a print-optimized PDF file of the map sheet >I-1420_nm-14_pamphlet.pdf -- a PDF file of the 16-page pamphlet that lists sources of data used in compilation of this map >I-1420_nm-14_jacket.pdf -- a PDF file of the map jacket


Polygons defined in geo_net.pat

Label Definition
name Abbreviation for the type of deposit the polygon represents.
geocode general type of polygon


Linear features described in the geo_net coverage

Label Definition
accuracy An indication of the certainty with which a line's position is known.
geocode_l General nature of the line


Lines defined in the coverage stru_lin

Label Definition
accuracy accuracy of location of arcs in the stru_lin coverage
geocode Inferred geologic nature of the line. Most of the ice-molded landform features are point features on the geo_pnt coverage that have an orientation but were treated as features of arbitrary length. The actual lengths of a few ice-molded landforms along the south edge of the map area are shown; these arcs are included with the stru_lin coverage. NOTE: The direction of the arcs is significant in that it determines on which side of the arc tics or other decorations are placed to show the side of glacial advance. If these coverages are cleaned the arcs can 'flip' and the tics will end up on the incorrect side of the arc. Please refer to the graphic file for correct placement of tics and other decorations.


Points that mark the extent of dune fields and points that show location of ice-molded landforms (drumlins, rock drumlins, flutes, or grooves)

Label Definition
geocode Type of point
azimuth Orientation of ice-molded landform, relative to geographic (true) north, with positive values counter-clockwise (a value of 90 is due west).


Points that show location of dunes whose orientations indicate wind direction and striations that indicate direction of ice movement.

Label Definition
type Surface process inferred at the indicated point
azimuth Orientation of ice movement or wind, relative to geographic (true) north. Positive values counter-clockwise (90 is due west).


Points that show locations of important stratigraphic sections; these sections are described in a pamphlet that accompanies the printed map sheet

Label Definition
geocode This attribute identifies the point as an endpoint of one of the stratigraphic sections shown on the printed map sheet.
section# The number of the section of which this point is an endpoint. Section numbers are arbitrary integers.


Arcs that form the quadrangle boundary

Label Definition
geocode_l Indicates the role of the arc