Geologic map and digital database of the San Rafael Mtn. 7.5- minute Quadrangle, Santa Barbara County, California

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Description This digital map database, compiled from previously published and unpublished data, and new mapping by the authors, represents the general distribution of bedrock and surficial deposits in the mapped area. Together with the accompanying text file (srm_ex
Originators Vedder, J. G.; Stanley, R. G.; Graham, Scott E.; and Valin, Zenon C.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-290

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Overview of attributes

The databases in this report were compiled in ARC/INFO, a
commercial Geographic Information System (Environmental Systems
Research Institute, Redlands, California).  Almost all the
attributes in the various attribute tables of the coverages
included in the report are set or calculated by Arc/Info.  The
exceptions are "coveragename"-ID, LTYPE, PTYPE, PTTYPE, STRIKE,
and DIP.  "coveragename"-ID is required by internal policy to
be sequential. This ensures the highest compatibility of our
databases with other GISs. Therefore "coveragename"-ID is
calculated equal to "coveragename"#, which is a unique,
sequential integer assigned by Arc/Info to each data record.
LTYPE, PTYPE, and PTTYPE are author added items to the coverage
AAT or PAT that are used to describe the type of line (LTYPE),
area (PTYPE), or point (PTTYPE) being recorded.  All coverages
with AAT and PAT present include these items in the data
structure.  Each has WIDTH 35, OUTPUT 35, TYPE C.  STRIKE and
DIP are author added items to the coverage PAT that record
information about the orientation of planar geologic
structures.  Both have WIDTH 3, OUTPUT 3, TYPE I. These items
are recorded in the tables SRM-STR.PAT of the structure
coverage. The base map layers are included for visual reference
only and contain no data attributes or attribute tables.


Attribute table of SRM_GEO.PAT.

Label Definition
PTYPE Geologic unit label


Attribute table of SRM_GEO.

Label Definition
LTYPE Type of geologic or geographic feature denoted by a line in the database.


Attribute table of SRM_STR.

Label Definition
PTTYPE The type of planar feature which was observed and the orientation of which was measured at this point.
DIP The inclination of planar structures measured in degrees down from horizontal.
STRIKE The orientation of a horizontal line in an inclined planar structure measured in degrees clockwise from north.


Attribute table of SRM_STR.

Label Definition
LTYPE The type of fold axis or other structural linear feature that does not bound geologic units. Faults and contacts are described in a separate coverage.