Landslide initiation locations in Pueblo Viejo quadrangle, Guatemala

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Description This cover contains initiation location of landslides formed during Hurricane Mitch in October - November 1998. Locations were identified by manually selecting the upslope location of the landslides in the cover ls22611.
Originators Bucknam, Robert C.; Coe, Jeffrey A.; Mota, Manuel Antonio; Godt, Jonathan W.; Tarr, Arthur C.; Bradley, Lee-Ann; Rafferty, Sharon A.; Hancock, Dean; Dart, Richard L.; and Johnson, Margo L.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-443

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The 'Digital geologic map of the east part of the Pullman 1 x 2-
degree quadrangle, Idaho ...' contains a detailed description of
each attribute code. The database includes a geologic linework
arc attribute table, pull250k.aat, that relates to the pull250k
.con (contact look-up table), pull250k.st2 (structure look-up
table), and pull250k.ref (source reference look-up table) files;
a rock unit polygon attribute table, pull250k.pat, that relates
to the (rock unit look-up table) and pull250k.ref
(source reference look-up table) files.