Landslide initiation locations in Mariscos quadrangle, Guatemala

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Description This cover contains initiation location of landslides formed during Hurricane Mitch in October - November 1998. Locations were identified by manually selecting the upslope location of the landslides in the cover ls23622.
Originators Bucknam, Robert C.; Coe, Jeffrey A.; Mota, Manuel Antonio; Godt, Jonathan W.; Tarr, Arthur C.; Bradley, Lee-Ann; Rafferty, Sharon A.; Hancock, Dean; Dart, Richard L.; and Johnson, Margo L.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-443

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Polygons delineating features at mines sites

Label Definition
SOURCE Reference material used (integer index into INFO table phosmine.ref contained in the export file)
MINE_NAME name of mine
ORIG_FEAT Name originally ascribed to feature when it was digitally captured
DATE_ Date of information about disturbance of land surface, as month/day/2-digit year or as 4-digit year
FEATURE Standardized name given to feature
ACRES Area of plygon in acres, derived by multiplying ArcInfo AREA item by 0.0002471
HECTARES Area of polygon in hectares, derived by multiplying ArcInfo AREA item by 0.0001