Spatial Digital Database for the Tectonic Map of Southeast Arizona

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Description A spatial database was created for the Drewes (1980) tectonic map of southeast Arizona: this database supercedes Drewes and others (2001, ver. 1.0). The west tectonic map (Drewes, 1980) was converted to digital format by Optronics Specialty Co., Inc. and
Originators Drewes, Harald; Fields, Robert A.; Hirschberg, Douglas M.; and Bolm, Karen S.

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Overview of attributes

The Spatial Digital Database for the Tectonic Map of Southeast Arizona report, i1109.pdf, contains a detailed description of each attribute code and a reference to the associated map symbols on the map source materials. The digital tectonic map of southeast Arizona includes a geologic (linear feature) arc attribute table, i1109.aat, which relates to the i1109.con, i1109.st2, i1109.lgu and i1109.ref files. A rock unit polygon attribute table, i1109.pat, relates to the and i1109.ref files. Point features representing structural attitudes of bedding, fault planes, foliation and lineation are located in the point attribute table, i1109sdp.pat, which relates to the i1109sdp.ref file. Geomorphic features such as paleoplayas, exotic breccia zones and maar craters are located in i1109gm.pat and its related i1109gm.ref file. Points representing cinder cones are located in i1109cin.pat and its related i1109cin.ref file. Points representing rock sample sites and radiometric age dates are contained in i1109sam.pat and its related i1109sam.ref file. Information on ArcInfo interchange files is listed in the i1109.pdf text report.