Geologic Map of the Devore 7.5' quadrangle, San Bernardino County, California

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Description This data set maps and describes the geology of the Devore 7.5' quadrangle, San Bernardino County, California. Created using Environmental Systems Research Institute's ARC/INFO software, the data base consists of the following items: (1) a map coverage co
Originators Morton, Douglas M. and Matti, Jonathan C.
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-173

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Overview of attributes

Geologic datasets for weights of evidence
analysis in northeast Washington--4.
Mineral industry activity in Washington, 1985-1997
The data consists of one worksheet in the Excel 97 file,
with fields described as follows:
Property name--Name of site, property or project
Location--Location of site by township, range, and section
Township--Township used in calculating the latitude and longitude,
unused, but occupied township(s) in parentheses (hidden).
Range--Range used in calculating the latitude and longitude.
unused, but occupied range(s)in parentheses (hidden).
Section--Sections occupied in given township(s) (hidden).
Assumed section--A section assumed as the center of the site.
The center of this section is the location used in calculating
the latitude and longitude of the center of the site.
Latitude--Location in decimal degrees of latitude of center of the site
Longitude--Location in decimal degrees of longitude of center of the site
County--Name of county in Washington
First commodity--Name of the first commodity or deposit type listed
All commodities--List of all commodities of interest at site
Operator/Owner--Name of owner or operator
Deposit setting or type--Name of the deposit type, or if unavailable,
the type of geologic setting at the site
Activity, 1997--Indicates if activity occurred at the site in 1997.
This is answered "Yes" or left blank if no activity was recorded.
Activity type, 1997--Nature of activity during 1997.
For years 1996 back to 1985, the "Activity, 19xx" and "Activity type, 19xx"
are provided for the respective year.