Minerals Yearbook (with year and subject commodity or place)

Online link https://geo-nsdi.er.usgs.gov/metadata/mineral/myb/metadata.faq.html
Description The Minerals Yearbook is an annual publication that reviews the mineral industry of the United States and foreign countries. It contains statistical data on materials and minerals and includes information on economic and technical trends and developments
Originators NMIC
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Minerals Yearbook Minerals Yearbook, Volume I, Metals and Minerals; Volume II, Area Reports: Domestic; and Volume III, Area Reports: International. Chapters for all volumes are published in paper format individually as annual Mineral Industry Surveys as they are completed, then collectively as Minerals Yearbooks. Chapters for all volumes are published in electronic format individually by commodity, State, or country under the name Minerals Yearbook. The Minerals Yearbook titles include the year and the name of their subject. A commodity Minerals Yearbook includes the commodity name (e.g., Minerals Yearbook--Aluminum 1997). A country annual review includes the country name (e.g., Minerals Yearbook--Canada 1996). A State Minerals Yearbook includes the State name (e.g., Minerals Yearbook--California 1998). These Minerals Yearbook chapters are published electronically as they are completed. When the series of chapters is completed for a year, they are collectively published in paper format as a Minerals Yearbook.

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