Mineral Industry Surveys (with month, year, and commodity name)

Online link https://geo-nsdi.er.usgs.gov/metadata/mineral/mis/metadata.faq.html
Description The Mineral Industry Surveys series reports commodity production, consumption, stocks, and trade information. Reports may also contain price information or report on industry developments.
Originators NMIC
Publication U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Industry Surveys Mineral Industry Surveys are periodic statistical and economic reports designed to provide timely statistical data on production, consumption, distribution, prices, stocks, and trade of significant mineral commodities. These surveys are published on a monthly or quarterly schedule, or at other intervals, depending on the need for current data. The Mineral Industry Surveys reports include the month, year, and commodity name (e.g., Mineral Industry Surveys--Aluminum in June 1997, or Mineral Industry Surveys--Copper in August 1998).

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