Haeussler, Peter J.

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Geologic map of the Wildcat Lake 7.5' Quadrangle Kitsap and Mason Counties, Washington

This data set represents reconnaissance geologic mapping of the Wildcat Lake 7.5' Quadrangle, Kitsap and Mason Counties, Washington. It is used to create the map sheet in USGS OFR 00-356 , which shows bedrock, surficial, and structural geology of the Wil

GIS Coverages of the Castle Mountain Fault, South Central Alaska

This data set represents GIS coverages of the Castle Mountain Fault captured from three maps representing portions of the fault in south central Alaska.

Geologic map of the Seldovia quadrangle, south-central Alaska

USGS Open-File Report 99-18B is a digital representation of a paper map that is being released simultaneously, USGS Open-File Report 99-18A. The map shows the bedrock geology of the Seldovia quadrangle, Alaska, at a scale of 1:250,000, compiled from new

Preliminary geologic map of the Chugach National Forest special study area, Alaska

USGS Open-File Report 99-362 are digital files used to create the published paper map, USGS OFR 99-362. The 1:63,360 scale map shows the bedrock geology of a special study area within the Chugach National Forest, Alaska. Digital files include ARC/Info co

Geologic map of central (interior) Alaska: Digital data

This coverage represents a compilation of reconnaisance geologic mapping of the Anchorage quadrangle, Alaska.