Cannon, William F.

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Deposits of the Lake Superior region

This digital map portrays the bedrock geology of the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota taken from the most recent published regional compilations. Some minor modifications and generalizations have been made from the published maps. Informatio

Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula and Vicinity, Michigan

The area of this data set includes the classic geology and mineral deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula, renowned for the occurrence of great volumes of Middle Proterozoic flood basalts and the world's largest concentration of native copper. Native copper

Digital Geologic Map of the Penokean Continental Margin, Northern Michigan and Wisconsin

The data on this CD consist of geographic information system (GIS) coverages and tabular data on the geology of Early Proterozoic and Archean rocks in part of the Early Proterozoic Penokean orogeny. The map emphasizes metasedimentary and metavolcanic rock

The geochemical landscape of northwestern Wisconsin and adjacent parts of northern Michigan and Minnesota (geochemical data files)

This report contains geochemical data gathered in the Ashland and Rice Lake 1 degree x 2 degree quadrangles in northern Wisconsin and adjacent parts of northern Michigan and Minnesota. The data, in part, is focused on the Chequamegon National Forest. Nine

Bedrock, soil, and lichen geochemistry from Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

This is a report of geochemical data from various media collected on Isle Royale, a large island in northeastern Lake Superior. Isle Royale became a national park in 1940 and was designated as a wilderness area in 1976. USGS sampling began in 1996 as par